Our story

Our story

Our beginnings

Our beginnings date back to 1844, when Vojtěch Scheinost and Bernard Fürth founded the match production company known as SOLO Sušice. But the real beginning of the company was in the year 1933. At the time, experimental production began in Sušice with ten employees, who produced cups for marmalade, bowls for aspics and round boxes. It was at that time that the plant was given the name "PAP", derived from paper and paper production.

Packaging novelty

How was the new method of packaging received by end customers in the 1930s? At first, it was not easy to penetrate the market with the new product. Paper packaging was not trusted in shops, because until that point, foodstuffs had been packaged exclusively in glass, tin, or wooden containers. But paper containers were soon accepted more and more favourably, and they turned out to be the long-sought container for both the dosing of food and dispensable use.

Postwar boom

After World War II, PAP was nationalized and incorporated into the West Bohemian Paper Mills. But that did not mean stagnation for the company - on the contrary. After the war, designers from PAP were flourishing and were gradually extending the "machine park". During the 1970s and 1980s, the variety of machines was increasing, and the company was thus able to supply cups and other food containers of various shapes - including cups with coloured printing. The laborious manufacturing work was thus replaced by more efficient automation in the form of new machines.

From the revolution to the present day

In 1990, the plant became independent and the independent state enterprise PAP Sušice was established. In the following year, we started our production of cups and containers made of polyethylene-laminated cardboard. At the same time, we substantially extended our range of polystyrene products and added products made of polypropylene. The new machines, which improved the printing directly on finished containers, were also a driving force behind the boom that resulted in further production. And with the gradual extension of our production, the number of contracts in both the Czech and foreign markets increased…

We consider the entry of strong strategic partners an important event in our history. At the end of 1999, the Italian company GIO'STYLE MONOUSO S. p. A.  acquired a total of 86.3 % of the shares and thus gained the controlling interest in the company. It owned PAP until 2006. In that year, another major event occurred in the ownership structure - our company was acquired by the Italian company DOpla S.p.A.

The entry of the Italian partners started a new era for the plant. We substantially extended our range of disposable products. Over the following years, we continually added new, more modern machines to the plant, enabling faster and more efficient production. The end of the decade was marked by the completion of a new production hall and new production lines. These changes allowed the annual production capacity of cups to be increased to 1.5 billion pieces.

Another direction

Today, the company is focused primarily on production from pulp. Plates, bowls or, for example, square trays made of pulp are biodegradable and are thus actually ideal for disposable use.  Since 2015, PAP Packaging has its own pulp production lines. In the near future, we would like to have as many as 8 of our own production lines.

Even in the new millennium, investing in the modernization of our facilities and machinery is crucial for us. We also focus on automation, which will bring more efficiency to our production. What does that mean for you? We can handle your order more quickly and flawlessly.

Our products

Our products

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